Vision Statement

Christina Moore Life Coach, Motivational speaking, Nurse

A woman on her own spiritual journey for several years and through God’s grace has grasped the understanding of negative emotion. I have walked the path of darkness and when I began to speak the words of healing the false belief of negative thinking ceased. When I began to gain confidence in myself, I began to heal. My journey was difficult I was afraid I felt alone walking in darkness. When I emerged on the other side transformed, I saw the light shine in my life, and I found empowerment.

My challenging relationships throughout my life encourage me to become a life coach and help others with challenging relationships in their lives. Motivational speaking to colleagues, patients, and caregivers giving encouraging words of strength. 27 years nursing experience I have a healing hand for the physical body. My mission to provide simple information emotional healing, mental clarity, and empowerment in which others can feel their most expansive selves. I will show you the tools to control moods and I help guide others to find emotional fulfillment and make a difference in lives of others.